Monday, February 12, 2007


    What gives with Mountain Bike Action!? I do subscribe to that glossy magazine but lately who are they trying to target? The past 2 issues they reviewed nothing but high end bikes! I do like looking at the high end bikes like anyone else but constantly reviewing ALL high end is a bit annoying. AND I'm not talking about 2 to maybe 3 grand bikes but 6 thousand plus bikes!?!?!?

    In the February issue, they reviewed the Santa Cruz Nomad at $4,427. Then there's the Cannondale Rush Carbon Team in at $6,499. Also there was the Jamis Dakar XCR Expert coming in at $3,087. Ok, it was a 1k to 2k of a difference but still, I'm sure there's more people out there who can't afford to buy these high end scoots than there is to buy them. Ooh, wow, they threw in the KHS AM1000 in there at $1,599 for us low end users, how nice of them.

    In the March issue, they tested the Intense 5.5 FRO at a staggering price of $5,800. What a bargain, the frame and shock is only, $2,225. Hahaha, then we got the Felt Virture One coming in at $6,199. And also in this issue, is the ever so popular "Buyer's Guide". Where they showcase tons of more bikes ranging from $350 to $6,500.

    It's a shame, not everyone can afford those high-end bikes. I can understand reviewing at least 1 high-end bike in the mag but not dedicate the whole mag to those bikes. When we first start out, people usually spend, I'd say a grand or less for there first bike. My first bike cost me 350 and it lasted for 6 years. But now people today, just shoot for the high end bikes without learning to graduate and evolve to the next level on a bicycle. Think of it this way, it will be less a waste of money, or if you have less time to dedicate to ride or if you don't like it or even if yer passion turns to something else. Maybe technology is to blame and maybe it's the industries fault to accelerate the growth the growth of a bicycle from fully rigid to freeride bike. I always tell the newbies when we ride, remember it's not how much you spend on a bike, or the latest technology or all fancy, clothing yer wearing, it's just you.

happy trails
~dirty bert


Fat Lad said...

Very true, we've had people turn up to our Tuesday beginner rides on state of the art rigs that die on the climbs just as much as the guy on the "supermarket special"

Anecdotedly the guy who turns up on the cheaper bike will usually ride longer and then upgrade learning as they go

Fat Lad

Jeff said...

I haven't read MB Action in quite a while, but just saw the issue you are referring to. The article about fixing up your XC bike to be more all-mountain-like blew me away. They suggested that $1,900 in parts was much cheaper than buying a new bike. It just seems out of touch with reality to me. You can buy a pretty nice bike in the $1,900 range!

Dirty Bert said...

For $1,900 you definetly can get a sweet bike. You just need to search around and you know the best deals can be had when they roll out the next year's models. I think MB action is so far removed from the "average bert" that they don't even realize it. Dirt Rag seems to be more down to earth, go check them out!


Jeff said...

Yep. Dirt Rag is why I haven't looked at MB Action in a few years...

I think MB Action is too influenced by the big advertising dollars. They probably have to print what the big dollar guys say to print.

Pete said...

MB Action has often made me scratch my head and say, "Whaaat the...?"

I remember when they wrote a glowing multi-page review of a Specialized
FSR XC- I went to my lbs to give it a spin, and I could not understand why they loved the bike. I agreed with some weaknesses they noted, and of course they mentioned these were things that an upgrade in components should remedy. I've since heard that MBA is pretty heavily influenced by the motocross scene and technology. This is not surprising if you look at the other publications in the MBA publisher's family, which is full with motocross and 4X4 magazines.

Then there was the incident where they wouldn't accept advertising from VooDoo Cycles because their publisher is a Christian company?!?!? Do any of you guys know more about that story? It seems a little too wacky to be true.