Sunday, January 06, 2008

It Must Be the Shoes.

    Well i finally broke down and bought winter shoes. I bought them 1 size bigger to accommodate the thicker socks or multiple pairs that i wear. I got the new cleat attached to the shoe and tried it out last Sunday. It kept my toes nice and warm AND dry for the most part. I had a lot of trouble trying to clip into my pedal. The cleat was in a new positioned so i had trouble searching for it on the pedal. I felt like a newbie once again, minus all the falling.

    The shoes held up well until i stepped into a stream crossing. I'm sure they would have been fine if the water wasn't so high. So from then on, they became a ice block. I mean these shoes are so water tight, i could feel the water swishing around the inside as i rode.

    Fenders are also a key part of winter riding. They keep the slop to a minimal on yer back and butt. I found spraying the underside with Pam spray reduces the mud from actually sticking. I also wear a helmet cap or if it's really cold and windy a face protector or also know as Balaclava.

    So tomorrow, they are forecasting 50 degrees in January. Wow, what a way to extend my riding season. Despite the trails being a tad bit muddy and still frozen by mid morning, it's kinda nice to have global warming.

happy muddy trails
~dirty "frozen" bert