Friday, February 16, 2007


    It's always good to give back to your community but in this case it's trail maintenance. I do volunteer, it may not be for every meeting but I try to make a conscience effort in volunteering my time to a trail that I use and enjoy. It's a good way to meet other people, a sort of a way to network and also to share yer passion or riding experiences with others.

    Lately I have been doing it here at Mercer County Park. Like I said, I'm not out there every month but I try to make a conscience effort in volunteering some time. Over this past summer I helped with 2 bridges (repair and a build), pruning of a trails and picking up garbage from the fisherman.

    The one bridge I helped build has just been vandalized, again! It's in a remote area of the park, where I think not a lot of people frequent because it's on the other side of the lake. I think this weekend a group of people are going back out to fix the bridge and I'm hoping I'm one of them.

    I just don't understand why people can be so bored and need to destroy things. Is trail destruction like this all over the country? I haven't read many places that receive this kind of destruction. Granted, it isn't the "end of the world" but it makes me believe that people don't respect others enough. It's a shame.

happy safe trails
~dirty bert

Tuesday, February 13, 2007


    The guys at are giving away a brand new Giant Trance 0 mountain bike. All you need to do to be sure it becomes yours, is go to win a new mountainbike and purchase as many $5.00 tickets as you can. A portion of each ticket will go to benefit

    Wheels4Life is a non-profit organization that provides bikes for people in 3rd world countries in need of transportation to get to work or to school; including health care workers. This charity was founded by extreme biking legend and former Mountain Bike World Champion Hans Rey. With Wheels4Life Hans wanted to give something back to the people he met on his journey's, he so very grateful for the opportunities and career he had through the sport.

    The winner of the Sweepstakes will win a brand new Giant Trance 0, 2 pair of Utopia shades, a set of SixSixOne knee and arm pads, a pair of SixSixOne riding shoes and a pair of SixSixOne gloves and a helmet from Pro-Tec.

    The Giant Trance 0 is designed with a balanced Maestro 4.2 and 4" of rear/front travel and uses lightweight aluminum ALUXX SL. You can check out all the specs and features on the official Giant website.

happy trails and good luck!
~dirty bert

p.s. happy birthday dad!

Monday, February 12, 2007


    What gives with Mountain Bike Action!? I do subscribe to that glossy magazine but lately who are they trying to target? The past 2 issues they reviewed nothing but high end bikes! I do like looking at the high end bikes like anyone else but constantly reviewing ALL high end is a bit annoying. AND I'm not talking about 2 to maybe 3 grand bikes but 6 thousand plus bikes!?!?!?

    In the February issue, they reviewed the Santa Cruz Nomad at $4,427. Then there's the Cannondale Rush Carbon Team in at $6,499. Also there was the Jamis Dakar XCR Expert coming in at $3,087. Ok, it was a 1k to 2k of a difference but still, I'm sure there's more people out there who can't afford to buy these high end scoots than there is to buy them. Ooh, wow, they threw in the KHS AM1000 in there at $1,599 for us low end users, how nice of them.

    In the March issue, they tested the Intense 5.5 FRO at a staggering price of $5,800. What a bargain, the frame and shock is only, $2,225. Hahaha, then we got the Felt Virture One coming in at $6,199. And also in this issue, is the ever so popular "Buyer's Guide". Where they showcase tons of more bikes ranging from $350 to $6,500.

    It's a shame, not everyone can afford those high-end bikes. I can understand reviewing at least 1 high-end bike in the mag but not dedicate the whole mag to those bikes. When we first start out, people usually spend, I'd say a grand or less for there first bike. My first bike cost me 350 and it lasted for 6 years. But now people today, just shoot for the high end bikes without learning to graduate and evolve to the next level on a bicycle. Think of it this way, it will be less a waste of money, or if you have less time to dedicate to ride or if you don't like it or even if yer passion turns to something else. Maybe technology is to blame and maybe it's the industries fault to accelerate the growth the growth of a bicycle from fully rigid to freeride bike. I always tell the newbies when we ride, remember it's not how much you spend on a bike, or the latest technology or all fancy, clothing yer wearing, it's just you.

happy trails
~dirty bert

Saturday, February 03, 2007

CLIPPIN' COUPONS, well kinda

    I like to save. Who doesn't. We all do. And when it comes to upgrading our bikes, some of us like to get it the cheapest way possible. I have only come across 1 bike store in NJ that will price match online prices. That's a pretty good deal but its gotta kill the store for doing that. I have been finding some deals online at some of these bike sites. Here are a few I'd like to pass along to you.

    FIRST up is Sage Cycles. I haven't ordered anything from them but I would and take the chance if I needed something. WHY would I order from them? Well first and foremost, they offer a 15% off on the 1st order and FREE shipping on orders over 50 bucks. Not a bad deal. But the 15% is excluded from complete bikes.

    And SECOND is Universal Cycles. I have order from them in the past and I received my order on time and it was correct. No complains from me and occasionally I will receive via email some VIP coupons like 10% off of 100 bucks using this code, febvip10 (original huh?) and 15% off 300 bucks using this code, febvip15. This coupon will end at midnight of 2/28/07. Also another plus, I like to say about Universal, is that there website is easy to navigate on. It's not overwhelming like these guys.

    Air has a fantastic price for Lake MXZ301 Winter shoe BUT only if yer a size 36! Or you can call this place, Lickbike for the 07 Lake MXZ301 Winter shoe for $194.88!

    Icycles has BB5's for $39 each.

    Colorado Cyclist tends to be EXPENSIVE. Check out there print catalog and look at the prices.

    Or look at Richard Bicycles and drool on all the big name custom mtn bikes out there. Major drool right here.

happy trails
~dirty bert


    I still haven't cleaned the bike from last Sunday's ride. I just haven't had time. It's no excuse but work has been crazy despite what's going on and cleaning my bike is the last priority i need to do on a week night. I did take 2 pics to show how caked it is, in the mud.

where does the chain go?

    The Turner frame is sweet to look at. It's milled out in certain areas of the bike frame, to cut down on the weight. It's a great idea until those areas clogged with the mud, as you can see in this one picture above, the nooks and crannys are clogged and even the chain disappears in the semi dryed mud jam. I cant wait to chisel the chain out of that mess.

spring is here, the grass is growing!

    In this picture above, i guess it wasn't enough to carry all the extra poundage of mud around but I was also lucky enough to get some grass as well. Or maybe Phil is right and spring is just around the corner and by the look of things, the grass has just sprouted in my rear derailleur.

happy muddy trails
~dirty bert