Tuesday, June 19, 2007


    I know most of the readers of this blog aren't from New Jersey but I thought you'd be interested in how ridiculous this sate has gotten.
    How crazy is this crap.... New Jersey is trying to pass a bill that would outlaw quick release wheels on ALL bicycles. There are no commercially available wheel retention systems that would meet the requirements of this bill. If this bill is passed, it would put all New Jersey bicycle dealers out of business IMMEDIATELY.
  1. NJ Assembly Bill No. 2686 would make it illegal to sell any bicycle, including ADULT bicycles with current quick releases

  2. It is wrongly promoted as being directed only to children's bicycles

  3. This will have an immediate, significant, adverse impact on NJ bicycle consumers and dealers.

  4. None of the bicycles currently on the market could meet the standard in Assembly Bill 2686

  5. This would IMMEDIATELY shut down the bicycle retail business in NJ

  6. The Bill would require a quick release retention system on adult bikes, that works AUTOMATICALLY, ALWAYS retains the wheel.

  7. There is no commercially available system that meets this impossible standard

  8. The quick release has been in use for over 50 years

  9. A properly used Quick Release is SAFER than a bicycle with a bolted axle.

    So as usual we are to contact our state senators ASAP and let them know this bill will put them out of business. Here is the link to find your Senator's contact information.

happy trails?
~dirty bert

Thursday, June 14, 2007


    I got a lovely bday gift last summer. It was a gift certificate to Escape Adventures. AND yes, I'm re-posting this again!

    After much though I decided that I can't use these gift certificates. I have a new job and 2 weeks of vacation (my last job i had 30 days off). I initially wanted to take a week to do a tour with Escape Adventures, thinking that would be the best thing to do since I probably will never have a good chance experiencing anything like this. A week or weekend would be enough to quench my thirst of west coast riding in Utah's Moab, Canyonlands & Arches or Bryce & Zion National Parks.

    So I got a gift certificates valued at $400 that I'm willing to sell for $350. Check out their site, the gift certificates are still good and I'm allowed to sell them. there also a discount if you book before a certain date, so there you will save a little more extra cash. The price is discounted for what was spent on them but they seem to be well worth the trip of being fully supported guided tour. So please, is there any takers out there who will help me and help yourself to a worth wild trip?

~dirty bert


    It hurts me to even do it but I don't even use them anymore. I'm willing to part with my 2001 Trek Liquid 20 and a original 1991 Klein Rascal (fully rigid).
    I really hate to sell them because I'm afraid that they will go to a home where they won't be appreciated or cared for. I know, I know, these aren't living things here, these aren't kids but to me there memories that brought me joy and excitement and I just hate to have someone buy it just because it looks cool or even worse a phase that there going thru.
    Yer thinking, why sell them then? Well, because it will be the easiest way for me to finance a 29er frame and or a road bike. I'm looking for 600 bucks for the Trek and 400 bucks for the Klein and somewhere on this blog there's pics of both.     The Klein is all original parts and if you find pics of the Trek, for 600 you get a 5" bike with a tubeless wheelset and disc brakes. The only things that aren't for sale on the Trek is the red Chris King headset and the Time ATAC pedals, those would be extra.
    I will post additional pics of the bikes and the specs soon. Right now the Trek is at the shop getting it's last service, so see I do take care of my bikes. the trek is a good bike, I would consider it, a good starter bike, a building bike in a sense, an easy upgradable bike. As far as the Klein, it's, I'd say 95% original. the only thing that isn't original is the brakes, Scott SE brakes, tires and maybe the huge gel seat. It's got the original one piece stem and handlebar, xt shifters, i think it's a Topline crank. Let me get the specs together to make sure first and I will post back onto here.
    Soon I will post some other bike realted stuff I have for sale. I wanna try to sell it on here first, than on ebay or craig's list. So check back again, soon.

happy trails
~dirty bert