Thursday, September 13, 2007


    i'm look to do a lil upgrades on my bike. when i first set out to build my bike up, i selected all the parts that i wanted and knew that were good. so i basically got my dream bike and parts to boot. after riding it for 2 years, i finally figured out that i need a new stem. it's not like i broke my old stem but it's to short for me to climb with. the front end of the bike pops up on steep climbs. it has nothing to do wit weight distribution but for the fact that it's a 90mm and i want 110 like i have used in the past.

    i saw this stem, called Rotor S1 stem. It's being sold by Speedgoat. the 110mm weighs 108 grams and cost 160 bucks!! i mean i'd like a light stem. i'm no huckster, nor smooth on my bike but the price of the stem out weights the actual cost of the stem.

    i'm sure i will need to replace the cassette soon, as well as the chain and the rear tire has seen better days. i will try to get the XTR cassette, i got the chain already and new tires, i'll ask around and see what everyone else is using and liking or dislikin'.

    i went to local bike store and bought 3 tubes for $19.50!! jeeze! u got to be kiddin' i just saw online at Price Point, 10 tubes for $19.98! yes i know, i'd have to pay for shipping and then have to wait for it to come, but the mark up at the shop is insane! support yer local shop, yea yea yea, i know but come on!

happy trails
~dirty bert

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

New bike friend!

2008 giant yukon fx

    so one of my friends wants to jump into mtn biking. "find me a bike between 5 to 600 bucks wit full suspension and disc brakes!" finding a bike in that price range can be difficult, if you ever notice all the bikes are the same parts and different colors. yer looking at a bike at least 35 pounds, a coil shock, a low end front fork and disc brakes and maybe some flashy colors on the frame with a fancy name. i'm not trying to be a snob by saying negative things about these bikes but, when it comes down to the long run, these parts will fail you quicker than you expected AND with mtn biking being so addicting, you will want to head back to the bike shop and buy something better.

    as you can see above, this is the 2008 giant yukon fx. it's equipped with a RockShox Dart 2 100mm suspension fork, Giant air shock, SRAM SX-4 trigger shifting, SX-4 rear derailleur, Hayes MX-4 mechanical disc brakes and a WTB Dual Duty XC rim/Formula disc hub wheelset. honestly not a bad setup for a beginner bike, the way i look at it, it's something to build from for a year or 2. swap out the shifters and rear derailleur for SRAM X7's or X9's and maybe go with a lighter wheelset and you got a great transformation of yer bike.

    i'm going to try to get more close up pics soon, i saw it in person today and i gotta say it's a sweet looking bike. I'm sure he'll love it and soon we can hit the trails together (as soon as the mud dries).

happy muddy trails
~dirty bert

Tuesday, September 11, 2007


    i remember my parents talking about when they first saw the man land on the moon or when JFK was shot. they ask each other, "do you remember where you were?". Well today marks 6 years since 911 and i will never forget where i was on that day...

never forget.
~dirty bert

Sunday, September 09, 2007

NEW Favorite Site!

    so i was lazy today. the first time in a long time that i actually did nothing. it was beautiful outside, in the 90's and i didn't ride. i couldn't find anyone to ride with and usually that doesn't stop me to ride but their was a lil urge to go but was deflated when i saw i had a flat rear tire. UGH! i HATE changing the rear tire, it causes me some many issues, i feel like i need another set of arms to change that tire.

    so i pretty much spent the day on ebay, surfin' the web, looking for a good deal on bike lights and reading posts on mtbnj forums. It has become one of my favorite bike site/forums for New Jersey. I can now find new people to ride with and share my experiences, opinions and hopefully make new friends.

happy trails,
~dirty bert

Saturday, September 08, 2007

My All-Time Favorite Video

    here is my favorite all-time bike video.

    whatever made him think that this was going to work!? i also like listening to the crowds reactions to his attempt. i'm sure he's glad he had that tree to fall into.

    ride this weekend, saturday is 90 and sunday is 86. i'm thinking about heading to allaire or hartshorne.

happy sweaty trails
~dirty bert

Friday, September 07, 2007

Bargains and bike catalogs

    i'm a bargain shopper. i continuously look for bargains on the internet for bike related stuff. it seems like i spend hours of time trying to save 10 bucks. i found a bike related search engine called Spadout. they seem like a good search engine for bike related products. go check them out!

    i also found another cool site that has old bike catalogs. you remember those things, that bike shops loved to give away free but now a days, the websites want you to download the pdf. it's just not the same. so here's a bunch of pdf's of the old catalogs. there pretty interesting to see how mountain bikes came such a long way.

happy trails
~dirty bert

Thursday, September 06, 2007

5 Days a Week

    well not quite 5 days this week, 3 so far but this summer i have been getting more ride time in during the weekdays, than the weekends. the rides are lasting from 2 hrs or 45 minutes, my range is huge because of the daylight i'm losing. i still didn't plunker down money for lights, not just yet. i'm still not sure whether i want to drain my money clip with HID lights. time will tell, more like me getting the urge to spend.

    i have met A LOT of people this season riding. i'm a lil bit more sociable and invite people to come riding with me or try to join them. i have been riding for about 15 yrs now, and by no means a pro or an expert but still an intermediate rider. i really don't mind it. i like looking around, checking out the what trees the beavers are trying to chop down, spottin' deer, yelling at the rabbits to make up ther minds and get off my trail or just plain ol' talking to myself. who the hell cares. my job causes so much stress at times, that i look forward to ride and unwind and not rush or race others.

    i like to call myself a technical rider, i really like to think that but i know i'm no where near that skill set. at times, i bash thru the obstacles, no finesse is used. my logs skills are ok, after 15yrs, i still can't bunny-hop over them nor pull a wheelie intentionally. man, i would love to learn how to do a nose wheelie, on purpose and not followed by me OTB.

    i got a new toy, the garmin 305. wish i could use it on my mac. i always want these new gadgets but never really learn the full potential of them, god i hope that doesn't make me a poser.

i know i'm rambling, so take care and be good to yer bike.

happy trails
~dirty bert