Thursday, December 27, 2007


    It's been a while but I didn't forget about it. I can't describe in a enough words what work has been like these past few months. In all it's great to be at a busy ad agency. Enough about that.

    Winter has arrived and for the first time, I keep hoping it gets cold. Why, because the ground will freeze and I won't have to ride in the mud. When I first started mtn. biking, I loved riding in the mud. I really never knew the bad effects I caused doing that but thought it was a lot of fun. Now a days, after doing trail maintenance at my local riding spot, I try to stay away from the trails, when it gets muddy.

    I finally broke down this year and bought winter mtn. bike shoes. The day after Thanksgiving, my favorite bike shop, Halter's Cycles had a black Friday sale. 20% off on bikes and 30% off on everything else. I picked myself up Lake MXZ302 winter mtb shoe. Yea, they aren't cheap but I'm sure they will last a lot longer than any other mtb shoe I ever had. They are pretty toasty warm, but I haven't had the chance to actually wear them in a ride because I needed to order an extra set of Time ATAC cleats. If you use these, this is the best price on the internet.

    Christmas has come and gone (Merry Christmas to you!) Santa brought me a nice long sleeve Fox Jersey, a cool 2008 mtn bike calendar, a Price Point gift card and Roam dvd. I also got the green light to purchase a road bike. I have no idea what brand to get but I want to get a good frame and fork, that way, I can always upgrade it from there.

    Many thanks to those who have listened to me rant in 2007. I want to be a better blogger in 2008 and HOPEFULLY design a new blog/site in the new year.

Have a safe New Year!

happy frozen trails
~dirty bert