Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Skinny Wooden Bridges

    i know it's been awhile since the last i wrote. AND i know i said in the last posting that i was going to blog more in 08', but i never realized how much work goes into writing something for a blog. i have no problem rambling in emails or textin' but here it requires so much more time. See, i think i was just rambling.

    so i bought those Lake MXZ302 winter shoes. they make my toes nice and warm and happy. i stepped into a puddle and they were fine, as long as the puddle or in my case the stream crossing isn't over the top of the shoe. my feet were wet and on top of it, i could feel the water sloushin' around inside my shoe, yes i was to lazy to drain my shoe. so we are in mid February and you'd think i would have broken in these Lakes by now, ravin' about how well they fit and oh-so-warm and happy my toes are but how can i when last Saturday was 50! for once, global warming is good!

    i have been riding almost, practically every weekend. i got 2 new fearless riders joining me this winter. i especially enjoyed it when they graduated to clip-less pedals. endless, silly crashes. you all remember all the embarrassing falls. falling just trying to clip in, falling just stopping for a brief moment, falling backwards on your rear tire, while you tumble down a hill, still clipped in and only unclip as you land into the stream (that was me). the 1 guy falls silently, very very stealthy, you have no idea. 1 minute he's there and the next he's laying on his side on the ground. very quick and quiet.

    i got a problem. i cannot ride in a straight line in order to save my life. i panic and psyche myself out before i come to a wooden bridge, forget a skinny. how could i ride that when i can't ride a curb and only last for 3 feet. i need practice. i need someone to build stuff for me to practice on.

happy frozen trails,
~dirty bert