Friday, December 30, 2005

Dave Attell at Carolines, NYC

Here's Dave Attell at Carolines at NYC.


Not to bad for a camera phone picture. I gotta say Dave Attell ROCKS!! if you can get a chance to see him, GO!!! he was so funny. Although, I wished the table next to us got tossed, they heckled all during the show, it would have been interesting to hear Dave talk about it at the next show.

Ever been to Carolines in NYC? I was suprised. If you do go there, Get a reservation for dinner, you actually get a better seating for the show. I sat 3 people to the stage. The tickets are 35 bucks each with a 2 drink mininum (and that includes soda) You can also eat while the show is going on but we weren't interested in that.

Wish I had more pics of the show. Afterwards we went to the Red Rock Saloon. The link isn't there real website, it seems to be under construction. But this place can be a lot of fun ESPECIALLY when your women gets on the bar to dance with the other gurls. The movie Coyote Ugly was based from this bar. Lotsa durty girls are ther, go and see.

dirty bert

Thursday, December 01, 2005

All Hail the King!!

Here's a pic of the King enjoying a milkshake at White Castle. I wonder if Warren ever found that WC box under his car seat. There was a special treat inside the carton, a onion chip and sum ketchup. Mmmmm white castle, aka belly bombers.

I remember riding at Watchung Reservation and afterwards on our way home on Rt. 22 we'd stop for a healthy meal at White Castle. And ocasionally, we'd shoot across 22 and park and eat in Living Well Lady's parking lot. It was our reward after riding and sloppin' in those trails. And I think it was even more fun to watch the womens, step on the stair masters while we ate our White Castles just below them.

Ahh the good ol' days.

-old dirty bert