Saturday, February 03, 2007

CLIPPIN' COUPONS, well kinda

    I like to save. Who doesn't. We all do. And when it comes to upgrading our bikes, some of us like to get it the cheapest way possible. I have only come across 1 bike store in NJ that will price match online prices. That's a pretty good deal but its gotta kill the store for doing that. I have been finding some deals online at some of these bike sites. Here are a few I'd like to pass along to you.

    FIRST up is Sage Cycles. I haven't ordered anything from them but I would and take the chance if I needed something. WHY would I order from them? Well first and foremost, they offer a 15% off on the 1st order and FREE shipping on orders over 50 bucks. Not a bad deal. But the 15% is excluded from complete bikes.

    And SECOND is Universal Cycles. I have order from them in the past and I received my order on time and it was correct. No complains from me and occasionally I will receive via email some VIP coupons like 10% off of 100 bucks using this code, febvip10 (original huh?) and 15% off 300 bucks using this code, febvip15. This coupon will end at midnight of 2/28/07. Also another plus, I like to say about Universal, is that there website is easy to navigate on. It's not overwhelming like these guys.

    Air has a fantastic price for Lake MXZ301 Winter shoe BUT only if yer a size 36! Or you can call this place, Lickbike for the 07 Lake MXZ301 Winter shoe for $194.88!

    Icycles has BB5's for $39 each.

    Colorado Cyclist tends to be EXPENSIVE. Check out there print catalog and look at the prices.

    Or look at Richard Bicycles and drool on all the big name custom mtn bikes out there. Major drool right here.

happy trails
~dirty bert

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