Saturday, February 03, 2007


    I still haven't cleaned the bike from last Sunday's ride. I just haven't had time. It's no excuse but work has been crazy despite what's going on and cleaning my bike is the last priority i need to do on a week night. I did take 2 pics to show how caked it is, in the mud.

where does the chain go?

    The Turner frame is sweet to look at. It's milled out in certain areas of the bike frame, to cut down on the weight. It's a great idea until those areas clogged with the mud, as you can see in this one picture above, the nooks and crannys are clogged and even the chain disappears in the semi dryed mud jam. I cant wait to chisel the chain out of that mess.

spring is here, the grass is growing!

    In this picture above, i guess it wasn't enough to carry all the extra poundage of mud around but I was also lucky enough to get some grass as well. Or maybe Phil is right and spring is just around the corner and by the look of things, the grass has just sprouted in my rear derailleur.

happy muddy trails
~dirty bert

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