Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Tubeless in Seattle (well not really)

    where did i go? i was here. i didn't forget about you completely. i was just having to much fun and the way it goes for me, i'm too tired to do much at nite. so since the mild winter we had here in NJ, i have been riding faithfully. i think i was out every weekend until i got hit with that crappy flu. 4 days of fevers, chills and aches. it took about 2 weeks for me to finally get rid of that bug, but the whole dam office had got it at that point as well. i think i didn't ride for like 3 weeks.

    well i'm back and i hope i'm more regular than my morning poops. everyone poops or is it farts, like the book says but more importantly since the new year my bike has gone thru some changes and i gotta say right now, is performing better than the day i got to ride it the first time.

    lets see, since the new year, i have replaced my rear hanger. i got it from Derailleur Hanger. 2 for 39 bucks. i had to get rid of my Goodridge front brake & shifter lines because my front brake and shifting just sucked with them. the brake lines were replaced with Magura front brake lines and the shifter was replaced with Gore cable. my rear wheel has been rebuild, re-greased and re-loved. my fat ass cracked the rail on my Selle Italia SLK saddle. so now i'm sportin' a WTB Speed V and i made the switch to tubeless tires. i'm using Hutchinson tires and it's "protect' air tubeless" suppose to be better than stan's because it can be used on all tires, unlike stan's.

i'm tired. i'll post some morrow.

happy trails
~dirty bert

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