Friday, April 25, 2008

Spring Bike Deals!

    i ask myself, is it really spring? it's nothing like last year, where we jump from a very short spring into summer. although yesterday was very warm, i think a high of 85, we haven't hit the 90's just yet. i'm thankful because i got 2 many outside projects to worry about that.

    i found a cool site to do price comparisons called, Spadout. i only search for mountain biking stuff that's on sale but there are other options as well. for example, i found Time ATAC Cleats, for $14.99! so basically you can buy 2 sets of them for the price of one at a bike shop but then again there's the waiting factor and shipping cost.

    another site, i stumbled along is Bike 29, a 29er site for those dedicated to big wheels. i like looking at the shop section, dreaming of what i would buy if i had the loot.

    i like Twin Six jerseys and t-shirt designs. i like the arygle jerseys. although i vow not to wear bike jerseys, i'd wear them if it was a loose performance, coolmax, shirt, maybe 3/4 length design.

    tasty thursday deal, even though it's friday (thank god), is this 6-pack of GU for $5.50. this offer expires today!

get out there and ride!
~dirty bert


Mikeylikeybikey said...

spadout seems pretty good! I used to have a similar site bookmarked, but I could never remember it when I was away from my work computer..... this will come in handy! - Thanks!

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