Thursday, September 13, 2007


    i'm look to do a lil upgrades on my bike. when i first set out to build my bike up, i selected all the parts that i wanted and knew that were good. so i basically got my dream bike and parts to boot. after riding it for 2 years, i finally figured out that i need a new stem. it's not like i broke my old stem but it's to short for me to climb with. the front end of the bike pops up on steep climbs. it has nothing to do wit weight distribution but for the fact that it's a 90mm and i want 110 like i have used in the past.

    i saw this stem, called Rotor S1 stem. It's being sold by Speedgoat. the 110mm weighs 108 grams and cost 160 bucks!! i mean i'd like a light stem. i'm no huckster, nor smooth on my bike but the price of the stem out weights the actual cost of the stem.

    i'm sure i will need to replace the cassette soon, as well as the chain and the rear tire has seen better days. i will try to get the XTR cassette, i got the chain already and new tires, i'll ask around and see what everyone else is using and liking or dislikin'.

    i went to local bike store and bought 3 tubes for $19.50!! jeeze! u got to be kiddin' i just saw online at Price Point, 10 tubes for $19.98! yes i know, i'd have to pay for shipping and then have to wait for it to come, but the mark up at the shop is insane! support yer local shop, yea yea yea, i know but come on!

happy trails
~dirty bert


Mikeylikeybikey said...

Hey Dirty Bert!

I've had a good experience with the Sram Hollowpin chain. (If you wanna go American) It comes with the gold power link, but I upgraded to a Wipperman chain link. Now I can take my chain apart with my bare hands! It also mated perfectly to my old XT cog and RF crank. In fact, these are still original items from '99!! I guess I don't ride nearly enough to wear through a cassette. I just made sure the chain was still within acceptable tolerances with a Park chain checker, if it wasn't, then I would have to replace cog, chain and rings! Happy trails!

Gaz said...

Silly sod. Igonore fancy shmancy stems, stick with Thomson. They are your friend!