Thursday, September 06, 2007

5 Days a Week

    well not quite 5 days this week, 3 so far but this summer i have been getting more ride time in during the weekdays, than the weekends. the rides are lasting from 2 hrs or 45 minutes, my range is huge because of the daylight i'm losing. i still didn't plunker down money for lights, not just yet. i'm still not sure whether i want to drain my money clip with HID lights. time will tell, more like me getting the urge to spend.

    i have met A LOT of people this season riding. i'm a lil bit more sociable and invite people to come riding with me or try to join them. i have been riding for about 15 yrs now, and by no means a pro or an expert but still an intermediate rider. i really don't mind it. i like looking around, checking out the what trees the beavers are trying to chop down, spottin' deer, yelling at the rabbits to make up ther minds and get off my trail or just plain ol' talking to myself. who the hell cares. my job causes so much stress at times, that i look forward to ride and unwind and not rush or race others.

    i like to call myself a technical rider, i really like to think that but i know i'm no where near that skill set. at times, i bash thru the obstacles, no finesse is used. my logs skills are ok, after 15yrs, i still can't bunny-hop over them nor pull a wheelie intentionally. man, i would love to learn how to do a nose wheelie, on purpose and not followed by me OTB.

    i got a new toy, the garmin 305. wish i could use it on my mac. i always want these new gadgets but never really learn the full potential of them, god i hope that doesn't make me a poser.

i know i'm rambling, so take care and be good to yer bike.

happy trails
~dirty bert


Mikeylikeybikey said...

Hey Dirty Bert! I have the 305 as well and I'm using it on the mac. You just need to download the Motionbased web agent for Safari and you're good to go!

Mikeylikeybikey said...

Hey, another little thing about the Garmin 305; You have to sign up for the free account at - then get the web agent-or more recently, the Garmin Communicator. Check out their Mac support page; it's come a long way since I joined!
Another cool thing is you can get an MB widget for your Mac dashboard and if that's not enough, if you have a Facebook acct. there's an app. that automatically updates when you upload one of your rides. If you do this, you can even check out your friends activities! (I guess that would be me!) I have it on mine.