Tuesday, June 19, 2007


    I know most of the readers of this blog aren't from New Jersey but I thought you'd be interested in how ridiculous this sate has gotten.
    How crazy is this crap.... New Jersey is trying to pass a bill that would outlaw quick release wheels on ALL bicycles. There are no commercially available wheel retention systems that would meet the requirements of this bill. If this bill is passed, it would put all New Jersey bicycle dealers out of business IMMEDIATELY.
  1. NJ Assembly Bill No. 2686 would make it illegal to sell any bicycle, including ADULT bicycles with current quick releases

  2. It is wrongly promoted as being directed only to children's bicycles

  3. This will have an immediate, significant, adverse impact on NJ bicycle consumers and dealers.

  4. None of the bicycles currently on the market could meet the standard in Assembly Bill 2686

  5. This would IMMEDIATELY shut down the bicycle retail business in NJ

  6. The Bill would require a quick release retention system on adult bikes, that works AUTOMATICALLY, ALWAYS retains the wheel.

  7. There is no commercially available system that meets this impossible standard

  8. The quick release has been in use for over 50 years

  9. A properly used Quick Release is SAFER than a bicycle with a bolted axle.

    So as usual we are to contact our state senators ASAP and let them know this bill will put them out of business. Here is the link to find your Senator's contact information.

happy trails?
~dirty bert

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