Thursday, June 14, 2007


    I got a lovely bday gift last summer. It was a gift certificate to Escape Adventures. AND yes, I'm re-posting this again!

    After much though I decided that I can't use these gift certificates. I have a new job and 2 weeks of vacation (my last job i had 30 days off). I initially wanted to take a week to do a tour with Escape Adventures, thinking that would be the best thing to do since I probably will never have a good chance experiencing anything like this. A week or weekend would be enough to quench my thirst of west coast riding in Utah's Moab, Canyonlands & Arches or Bryce & Zion National Parks.

    So I got a gift certificates valued at $400 that I'm willing to sell for $350. Check out their site, the gift certificates are still good and I'm allowed to sell them. there also a discount if you book before a certain date, so there you will save a little more extra cash. The price is discounted for what was spent on them but they seem to be well worth the trip of being fully supported guided tour. So please, is there any takers out there who will help me and help yourself to a worth wild trip?

~dirty bert

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