Thursday, January 04, 2007

Spinning the Night Away!

    I slacked last month with riding. I think I missed the whole month and it wasn't because of being sick or having to do with the weather but trying and I hate to say it, trying to finish christmas shopping. Work was hectic and on top of that, I got a frantic call from my mother, that she fell and broke her shoulder. So with taking care of her and shopping and working, my bike was buried in the garage under all the boxes of outdoor lights and furniture AND still covered in the dried mud of the month before.

    Within the month of bike slacking, I also neglected going to the gym so I asked santa to bring me a bike trainer. I figured I could spin in my unheated garage amongst the mountains of cardboard boxes while staring at the garage door. I thought it would be fun. I ruled out asking santa for rollers because i thought it wouldn't be fun, careening off the roller and smashing into the garage door or better yet into the beer frig.

    I thought about getting the trainer that ran along the rim like, Minoura's Progressive Rim Drive. It's ideal for mtn bikes so it cuts back on the noise and tire wear. Tire wear!? Like I need something that eats away at my 40 dollar tire. I'd rather have a rock rip the sidewall than this to happen. But I ended up asking santa for Travel Trac Century Fluid Plus trainer (wow, that was a mouthful). My plans were to take my Trek Liquid and put a slick tire on it and spin the night away.

    This never happened. Instead santa got me a much needed Fox Racing Launch knee/shin guards. I now look like a baseball catcher riding a bike. Don't get me wrong, there real nice and will save my knee when i do go back to riding at Chimney Rock. And they look pretty sweet, in a heavy duty fashion.

    Well anyway, I know I got off topic here but I was wondering if anyone uses a trainer and or what brand are they using? Thanks!

Happy Trails!
~dirty bert


Cyndy said...

I use a CycleOps Fluid2 Trainer that Santa brought me a few yrs back. Sometimes the winter weather in Oregon is just too nasty, or it's too dark, so I have it set up in my basement in front of a TV w/ DVD player. I watch spinning DVDs and ride away. The resistance on this model is just right. Some have complained that the fluid leaks out, but I've never had any problems. I ride my old Cannondale road bike on it.


Dirty Bert said...

Is it fun? Does the time fly? that's my only concern. I think if I sit in the garage and ride I will stare at all the things I really need to be doing in there and get to distracted.


Cyndy said...

It's a struggle to get motivated to get on the trainer, as you can imagine. The workout DVDs do help, but knowing that if I don't keep up my training, I'm gonna suck big time on the climbs next time I ride with my club! That motivates me. ha