Tuesday, January 02, 2007

New Year's Resolutions

    People tend to make new year's resolutions that there never gonna keep. They do it for a few weeks or even days and then give up. I'm going to try to make some new year's resolutions, that can be attainable. Here are some of my ideas...
  • Try to post everyday. Try is the key word.
  • Make this blog into a RSS feed.
  • I wanna re-ride Ringwood (i haven't been there in 2+ years)
  • I wanna re-ride Huber Woods (i haven't been there in 3+ years)
  • I wanna re-ride Mahalon Dickerson (i haven't been there in 2+ years)
  • I wanna ride Waywayanda (Mmm bear)
  • I wanna re-ride Allamuchy (i haven't been there in 6+ years)
  • I wanna ride Wissahickon, PA
  • I wanna ride Fairmount Park, PA
  • Sell my Trek Liquid.
  • Learn how to maintain my bike.
  • I want a road bike.
  • Clean my garage and make it stop growing cardboard.

  • AND most important, to ride more!

    I think my list is doable, we will see. I'm sure I'll break #1 very quickly.

    I'm thankful and happy that I had so many people visit this blog last year. I don't get a lot of people who comment so it's had to see if anyone is reading it other than my friends. So I started to keep track of how many people came to the blog but I had only tracked it from November to December and reached a total of 539 people.

    I was really interested to see where people viewed this blog. Here's the US breakdown. 24 from California, 20 from NJ, 10 from Wisconsin, 3 from Pennsylvania, 3 from Texas, 3 from Massachusetts and so on. Also here is other countries. 9 from UK, 1 from Australia, 1 from Czech Republic, 1 from Korea, 1 from Netherlands, 1 from Canada and 1 from Finland.

    Anyway, enough of that and let me get back to the important stuff. In the coming blogs, I'll be posting some of bike parts that I'm willing to sell and that trusty new/old Trek will be up for grabs. Some else should love it, like I once did. I'm sure I can find a loving home for it. So who what's it!?!?

happy trails
~dirty bert

1 comment:

Graham said...

Well there's one former New Jerseyan that reads from Virginia.

Btw...regarding number 2, you're blog already produces an RSS feed for you automatically. That's how I know it's been updated.