Monday, December 18, 2006

My Fists Of Fury Stem

    I'm looking for a new stem, the one I got is to short (insert jokes here). I thought it would be fine until I noticed the front end lift up alot when i climbed up a hill. Originally I thought that was my fault for not balancing my weight between the front or the back of the bike. When I looked at my other bike, the stem was much longer and but more comfortable and basically, less cramped.

    Here's what my choices were...
  1. Hope stem
  2. FSA OS-115 stem
  3. Thompson Elite X4 stem
  4. Ritchey WCS 4AXIS stem
    It's a nice selection of quality stems but how will I narrow my decision down, is there anything else out there, that will stand out, ahead of these choices???

    Well I did find something that stands of the crowd. It's called the Fists of Fury stem. It certainly looks like it would grip well and it's so blue. Is it because it's gripping so hard? I just wonder if I need to use bike grease to make it easier to slide the handlebar in.

    Also here was the runner up to the Fists of Fury stem, the Skull stem!

    Where the hell can I buy these stems. That anadozing on the fist stem resembles the Hope stem. Do a google search and try find these stems because i can't.

~dirty bert
happy trails

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