Monday, December 11, 2006

Bike Online Coupons and Deals

    Shocker, I got more bike coupons and here they are...
  1. Bike Nashbar: FREE Ground Shipping, No Minimum order. Use coupon code: SHIPDEC. Now thru Friday, December 15th.

  2. Performance Bike: FREE Ground Shipping, On all orders. Now thru Friday, December 15th.

  3. Cambria Bicycle: 20%. Off, on all in stock items. Tuesday, December 12th ONLY! Use coupon code: CB0X20.

    It's been 52 degrees in December, in New Jersey AND I still haven't had the chance to go riding. Saturday, I was planning to go to 6 Mile Run but the xmas lights took longer than I thought. So I'm gonna try real hard and push for this Saturday, I'm sure with the rain due on Wednesday, it will make anyplace muddy. And an added bonus, it's hunting season for most spots in NJ, so you won't see me wearing my white gloves or my brown jacket on the trails.

happy trails
~dirty bert

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