Thursday, January 05, 2006

Winter Riding at Lewis Morris

    Yea that's Burger King. He does have a big head and that is snow on the ground. Not a new pic because it's like 50 degrees outside. THIS isn't January but I'm not complaining, I LOVE IT!!!

    It sure is muddy out there. Beautiful wheather and muddy trails, just great! It's awesome to ride in this weather but if you do, you'll ruin the trail by riding in the mud! What to do!?!?!?!? I'm glad I didn't buy studded tires this year or even spend a wad of cash on them Sidi winter shoes.

    HEY, since no one reads this blog I'm going to shout out my favorite places to order from...

1. Speedgoat: My favorite site and a good bike blog to boot!

2. Universal Cycles: Good Prices wit always 10% off.

3. Jenson: Good Prices wit good mtb cartoon people.

4. Performance Bike: Get the team membership, earn points and Free 2nd Business Day Delivery Upgrade. I haven't had a problem with delivery and always matched prices.

5. Price Point: I like their site, easy to navigate and good prices.

More to come...

yer friend,
dirty bert


benja said...

Hey, who do you like for custom wheels? Or wheels in general? I've heard good things about Speedgoat, but I've never bought anything from them... Your thoughts?

BTW, I've got a link up for you!


Dirty Bert said...

Benja, if I was to do it over again and had sum extra cash growing from that money tree in my backyard, I'd call and talk to Dave's Wheels.

Here's reviews given on MTBR about Dave's Wheels. I'm thinking of sell my Crossmax SL Disc to get his wheelset.

I have bought from SpeedGoat, Jenson, Price Point, Performance and Universal. Nothing pertaining to wheels being built.

Are ya going put on a Bashguard??

benja said...

Not sure yet about the bashguard. This is going to be a more XC build, but my flavours of XC include 3' huck here and there, so who knows. I'm contemplating the bashguard. Any recommendations? I see a lot of Gamut and E.Thirteen gear out there.

Dirty Bert said...

Ima an XC rider as well. I'm just tired of not always clearing the roots, rocks and logs cleanly. I don't really use my large chain ring so I'll will be sporting this bash guard soon.

Dark Cycles, Black Guard. It's pretty sweet looking. If you are interested I will tell you where I ordered it from.

I thought e13 was going to be my choice as well but I couldn't resist these.

dirty bert

ps ima gonna shoot this comment section area. they won't allow me to open a new window if i add a link in this comment section!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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