Monday, January 30, 2006

It's Dropped Off!

    So it took me 3 trips to load the car up tonight. The car seats were down, the frame was in, the box of wheels and the other box of parts were packed away.

    I trucked over to the shop and asked if they were to busy to build a bike up but if they could have it built by this Friday. "Sure, no problem" just the answer I wanted to hear. I had someone help me carry the items in. they checked my inventory to see if I had everything, all the correct sizes and parts. Everything seemed ago.

    So Wednesday there closed. Kinda odd but then again they are open Sundays. Isn't Sundays the day bike shops are closed? Or even I seen Mondays.

    I need to have it for Saturday, it's maiden voyage. I'm thinking either Hartshorn or Chimney Rock, all depending on trail conditions. I hope the weather cooperates for this weekend as much as it did for last saturday. 60 degree weather in January on the east coast is a dream. Thanks Global Warming!

    So this weekend I'll have pics to post of my new ride and I'll post them in the Turner forum on MTBR.

    Remember... RIDE NOW work later.
    –dirty bert

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vaughn said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog.

I'm getting the Juicy's from Pricepoint (not the carbon ones b/c of cost) for around $159.