Wednesday, August 22, 2012

i Got a Bike Rash

I'm itching for a new bike, well maybe not a whole bike, but at this point, i'd take a frame. Depending what i buy, i can swap over some of my old parts on the new frame or bike. There's some parts that I'd never change, like my brakes. I love my Magura Martha SL brakes. I never really had a problem with them than other changing a brake pad to occasionally having them bled. I also like my FSA K Force Light crank, my Thompson seatpost and FSA 115 stem, chris king headset, Time ATAC Carbon pedals and i love WTB products like my saddle, Silverado and the Bronson tires. I know I may not be able to take some of these parts, like the cranks because they aren't BB30 or the headset size.

I have been toying with the idea of finding a 26er and converting it to 650b (27.5). See in my mind, i feel like i'm still getting a new 26" bike, and just converting the wheels to a bigger size. So if I just happen to not like the way it rides, I still have a great 26" bike to ride. I think this makes more sense, than buying a completely new 29er because in my world, I will have to sell almost everything that i can't use on my Turner and the 5 Spot itself to cover the cost of the new 29er. And if by chance I don't like the ride, what do I do then!? Try to sell the bike and recoop my losses and start over. Not in this lifetime will that happen.

Well this weekend on the east coast will finally be nice, sunny and in the 80's. I will be out spinning my wheels, whether it's the mtn or the road bike. Enjoy your time, whatever weather you are experiencing and most of all be safe.

Happy Trails,

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