Monday, December 01, 2008

So Close

    I haven't been writing because i haven't been riding. although i rode on black friday at one of my favorite spots, 6 mile. it was nice out, some wind, lots of sun and mud. for some reason i didn't expect it, nor did i pack fenders but i did pack a change of clothes. i just rode for an hour, rode the loop i wanted to do, nothing more or less. i took breaks and listened to the trees screeching on other trees, listening to the wind gust thru the trees and leaves rustle on the ground. it was a good ride.

    so, the babies still haven't come. the wifey is pregnant with twin boys and the c section is scheduled for december 15th. the wifey is large, maybe a quarter the size of kate from the opening of that show jon and kate plus eight. i think she looks good and is still functioning day to day by herself. the babies room is done, the mural is painted, all their clothes are washed, her bag is packed, the bouncer and swing are ready but i think we will never be ready.

happy trails,

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Alyssa said...

Nice! Have a pleasant holiday shopping season.