Tuesday, May 08, 2007


    I think it's not fair that we all work 5 days a week and ONLY get 2 days off. That's less time to squeeze in for a ride. Not fair and I know life is unfair.

    With the new job, came new perks. My drive is 40 minutes rather than the hour and 15 minutes of before and that was days with no traffic. With my new job and short commute I gained the option of being able to ride after work. It's a nice perk. I bring my bike to work and jet at 5-5:30 to ride at the closets spot which is about half and hour away. Lately, I can squeeze in 2 hours and like tonight 10 miles. 10 miles and 2 hours seems like, ima snail but lately, I have been taking out a newbie with me or my other friends that have some "ride-time" under there paddy shorts but we do like to stop often, catch out breath, drink a lil water and tease each other. I find that type of riding fun.

    I got some friends racing this year. I'm not a racer nor do I want to compete in any races. With my job, I have deadlines everyday and often it seems like on every hour. I feel like I race to work to get there on time and race to get home or race to get to the park for a after work ride. I don't want to race with something I really enjoy, something that unwinds me after a day at work, something that I look forward to do on the weekends. I just don't need another job, a commitment to do well or compete with others, I don't need to prove myself or with others.

    I do compete with my friends when we ride. I just did it tonight. I just need to be in front, to guide, to warn and just be ahead of everyone. When someone got ahead, i made sure that I somehow, got around them. Maybe tonight I was more of a control freak because I wanted to be able to cover as much ground as possible before it got to dark.

    We all compete with our friends when we ride. We all have our "fast" friends, that when we ride, we need to push ourselves to keep up. I still do it but I get more enjoyment riding with slower people or even newbies. I choose to be slow now and i rather ride with them because in my mind there still taking their time to enjoy and absorb there surroundings (maybe just to survive) and not fly by as a blur.

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happy trails
~dirty bert

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