Friday, November 24, 2006

Happy Belated Turkey Day!


    I hope everyone didn't over-indulge with all that starch but maybe you were thinking of burning it off today and tomorrow with all this beautiful 60 degree weather we are having.

    Thank You Global Warming!

    I'm hoping to go riding Saturday, some place not so muddy, HA!. I remember the days where I LOVED riding in mud but then again, i didn't care so much about my bike or the way it handled after it was covered in it. Nor did i care or even think about the effect it was having on the trails.

    So tomorrow, I'll be huffin' and puffin' up some small hill that I would have flew on when I was in my twenties BUT never would i have done it, in the end of November, in 60 degree weather.

happy muddy trails.

1 comment:

gwadzilla said...

we all leave a footprint on the earth

or sometimes a tire track

just try to balance the scales

I walk my dogs leashless in the woods...
against the rules
and the run off trails

so... I try to balance the scales by doing rogue trail repairs