Monday, October 09, 2006

6 Mile Run

    Total time: 4hrs.
    Sunny, a lil humid about 80
    Miles: 6 miles?

    So I have been riding at 6 Mile Run lately. It's fairly close, probably less than half an hour from the home. The trails remind me a lil of Mercer but it has more short steeper climbs, tons of mud, some stream crossings, a muddy marsh crossing, skinnies, teeter totter and bow hunting.

    It became a mud fest last Sunday, with the 2 Mike's. Mike 1 is riding his Mary and Mike 2 was riding his Intense. Mike 2 rode over all the large, scary high log build ups. I wish i had pics to post, but i was lazy and didn't bring a camera nor did i have extra batteries for Mike 1's camera.

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