Wednesday, September 06, 2006

And This Lil Piggy Went...

my dislocated finga

    So i rode at mercer yesterday, it a nice way to end the day of working. i rode by myself and headed towards the dam and i zipped thru the woods and made my pit stop at the stuff animal shrine (kinda creepy there), i noticed an abundance of deer. i noticed the deer aren't scared of you here. They are more curious and it takes longer for them to scoot away from you. Anyway, i almost collide with what i thought was a deer but another rider. In short, the new rider, John, was new to the park and i agreed to show him around.

    So as we were making our way back to the parking lot and i decided to take one last small trail. I zipped around the turn, the weeds covering the trail were pretty overgrown, allowing me to see about 6" wide of the trail ahead. All I can remember is hitting something with my right pedal and waking up laying on the ground with the bike on my head! i seemed to clip a log, that was well hidden in the turn and i was catapulted over the handlebars. i landed on my face & shoulder area (my jaw was sore for 3 days) and I also put my right hand out as a reaction, thus making my pinkie twist and turn to the east (see photo). Anyway, i think i knocked myself out because I remember so lil of the crash. My legs were cut up a lil but my finga was throbbin at this point.

    We headed back to the car, John put my bike on the roof rack and I drove home, hoping the wifey would accompany me to the hospital. 6 x-rays later, a slight alignment of the finga all turned into 2 hrs. at the hospital and i was told my finga was dislocated. A week later, a letter came in the mail and said that the x-ray was re-evulated and it's now a fracture. GOOD JOB!

    The finga is in a splint, still swollen and it doesn't bend, 2 weeks have past and tonight i rode the bike around the neighborhood. i should be fine, as long as i wrap, just the pinkie, in the splint and not wit the buddy finga. I can grip the bar, brake and shift if I do it that way. I'm hoping, weather permitting, I can return to Mercer for a "nice" ride. But then again, the greater powers may have a different say.

    THANKS again to John, for helping me and hopefully soon we can ride at Fairmount Park (before the sno comes) and for an extended tour of Mercer and the surrounding areas.

(like he's gonna read this OR anyone else OR anyone finding this BLOG!!!)

- dirty bert
"happy trails without me"


vaughn said...

Ouch. Best of luck healing!

Gaz said...

Feck! Argh! I'm cringing just looking at that...